Thursday, February 7, 2008

The World of Mad Max

For those who didn't know, Max Talbot has a weekly column over at It's usually a pretty good read where he talks about the team and what's going on that week.

In this week's edition, he talked about 'The Commercial'.

You know the one...the one with Max, Army, Sarge and Geno...the BMW commercial...the OMG what was THAT?? commercial

I can't remember if I posted it before, and I'm too lazy to go find out, so I'll just post it again.

According to Max, he's a friend of the owner of the BMW place, and they were asked to do the commercial. Max decided to do a little 'improv' (I figure he's referring to the McLovin imitation) for laughs and they decided to keep the "chicka-chicka-yeeeeahhhh"...or whatever he's saying.

I guess the commercial has received so much publicity (good? bad?) that Jay Leno talked about it on his show and said it was the worst car commercial he's ever seen.



DaBich said...

Worst??? Suck my big toe, Leno, AFTER I step in dog doo! LOL!

Gawd, Max is positively DREAMY in that commercial. Can you say HOT?, I'm not! LOL!

Ashley said...

lol I could do without the Fu-Max-Chu :)

but hey, look at it this way...the Pens are getting attention on a national show like Leno! All publicity is good publicity..right?

DaBich said...

Darn right it is! =D