Monday, February 25, 2008

Forsberg back in Colorado, and Hossa a Penguin?

One week ago, Peter Forsberg said that he probably wouldn't be back in the NHL this year because of his wonky foot. This afternoon, he signed a one-year contract with Colorado.

What gives? Did his foot miraculously get better? Hmm...I think he may have made that statement last week to get the media people off his back. You have to admit, after he said that he was essentially done for the season, the focus shifted to Mats, Hossa, and everyone else still on the trading block. A week of peace and quiet probably made the negotiations a little more pleasant, and less pressing.

Is it just me, or is Colorado starting to look good? I (and others) have been saying that getting Crosby, Fleury and Roberts back from injury is like the best trade deadline deal in the League. If that's the case, then Colorado has the second best deal going on - they got Smyth, Stastny and Sakic back in the lineup this month, and now they have added Forsberg without giving anything up. If Foppa is healthy for the remainder of the season, the Avs just may go on a tear in March like they did last year. Heck, they may do it even if Forsberg isn't healthy.


Marian Hossa is the big fish to catch now that Mats Sundin is officially out of the trade talk.
Rumour has it that Montreal and Ottawa are making a big push to get the winger from Atlanta, but could he end up being a Penguin tomorrow? Bob McKenzie said tonight on OTR that Shero has been inquiring about Hossa.

As far as I'm concerned, this is just a rumour. I would be infinitely surprised if Shero won the Hossa Sweepstakes, and infinitely concerned. Scoring winger he is, but how has he done in the playoffs? And how is his attitude in the locker room? And what kind of contract would he want to sign in July? Sorry, but I don't want to give up 3 draft picks, a prospect and a roster player for a guy who won't show up in the playoffs and commands a big money, long term contract that will make it impossible to resign Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Malone, AND Letang. Not worth it.


Stoosh said...

ASH - I'm really leery of what it's going to take to get Hossa out of Atlanta. Kevin Allen from USA Today said a roster player, a B-grade prospect and a decent draft pick. Spector from said over the weekend that Waddell is more focused on bringing in a younger player or two that continue to help keep them in the race, but that doesn't necessarily mean a star-caliber player.

That said, Hossa's playoff production would worry me a little. His career playoff pace would be good for like 50-55 points over a regular 82-game season. I want to see another top-six winger added here, but I want to make sure that player isn't going to fold up like a tent during the postseason.

Roberts also reportedly suffered a setback in his rehab, injured a ligament and may be done for the year. :(

Ashley said...

Stoosh - I think the price for Hossa will climb today because he is, arguably, the top player on the trading block now that Sundin is staying in Toronto. Whichever team that trades for him will likely have to give up a lot for him, and who knows if he will even resign.

That news about Roberts is absolutely horrible. My heart just sank when I read that. I hope he comes back next season, but at his age and considering the injury...