Monday, February 11, 2008

Hockey Commercial 11: Try that, Mr. Fancy Stick

Here's a McD's commercial from the 1990's, featuring Mr. Fancy Stick himself (aka Wayne Gretzky) and baby-face Mats Sundin.

Great job McDonald's...It's 1AM and I want some food...


Okay, so the Pens win against the Flyers (booyah!) and I found this video of the Downie/Ruutu fight.

I thought Downie was supposed to be some tough guy who will fight anyone, anytime, not walk away in the middle of a fight like a baby.

Downie = Joke


Flyers = Stunned

Go Pens!


seeker said...

Tremendous game today played mostly in the Flyer's zone. The score makes it look a lot closer than it actually was....especially when Conklin's stick hit the zamboni doors and caused him to muff the puck and let up that one goal at the end.

We did text a message, but we never saw it appear on the Jumbotron.

Ashley said...

I listened to the game online and was thoroughly entertained. Thanks for explaining the whole Zamboni doors thing - Lange and Bourque were trying to explain it, but I don't know if I was only half listening, but I didn't quite understand what they were getting at.

No worries about the text message. Thanks for trying! I did get one hell of a kick out of that Flyers = Stunned message on the Jumbotron hahaha

seeker said...

Since the Mellon Arena is so old, they have huge zamboni doors behind that one goal which have a large gap in them.

Since it's the end where the Pens have to defend twice per game, you'd think they'd do something about it.

I've seen sticks get stuck in them and snap off - just waiting for a player to get impaled on it.

Seems to me a strip of plastic where they meet would be enough to at least make it safer.

Ashley said...

Yeah, you'd think something would be done before someone gets seriously hurt. All they need to do is some simple little 'Band-Aid solution' until the new arena opens.

DaBich said...

Downie made a total azz of himself this time...friggin moron!