Friday, February 1, 2008

Hockey Commercial 1: The Curved Stick

Seems like everyone is at the Michael Buble concert except me.

No worries, I have YouTube to keep me entertained! Or, more specifically, hockey commercials! How much sweeter can you get?

I quickly realized that YouTube is exploding with great hockey commercials, so I decided that February is "Hockey Commercial Month" at Ultimate Hat Trick.

Every day I will link a great commercial (or two). You may have seen some of these commercials before, others you may be watching for the first time. Either way, it's gonna be a good time. After all, hockey is the greatest sport and is good for a laugh or 10, so making a hockey commercial is sheer brilliance.

And so, without further ado...

The very first featured hockey commercial is "The Curved Stick" from Molson Canadian.

Do YOU agree?


DaBich said...

Molson's is my fav beer, and I go for the's DaBomb!!!

Ashley said...

I don't drink beer, but I absolutely LOVE Molson's commercials.

Their new one is called "Expected, Unexpected" and is all about Canadians doing things that are expected of us (and, of course, it's hockey themed), and at the end the annoying guy gets tied to a hockey net and a bunch of Canucks practice their aim on various 'targets' haha. Best thing is that there's a game on Molson's website where you can take aim at annoying dude yourself...There's the "Peanut Buster", and he sometimes screams in pain. It's great :)

I really need to find that commercial on YouTube..

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