Monday, February 25, 2008

Hockey Commercial 25: Street Zamboni

I post this in honour of the Zamboni that died today before the Pens/Sharks game.

James Duthie was right - it did look like it had run over Iceburgh.

Absolutely gotta LOVE that song playing. "Someone roars, Bobby scores!"
A few random thoughts on today's (yesterday's) game against the Sharks and other stuff:

1- Were the Sharks on the PP the whole game? It certainly seemed like the Pens were asleep at the wheel for most of the game and the Sharks really took it to them. Thankfully Conklin was awake.

2- I was so glad to have Gord Miller/Pierre McGuire for the game. There were satellite issues for a few minutes and TSN had to switch to the FSN Bay Area feed, and I can say that I prefer the TSN crew. Always the Miller-McGuire tandem; they know so much about the game, and they are absolute freaks with stats (and I say that in a good way). How on EARTH does Miller remember all that stuff? Even if he has it written down on sheets of paper, how does he read that and do play-by-play?

3- Sundin is stayin' in Toronto, so that's that. Brad Richards, however, is rumoured to be on the move if he waives his no-trade with Tampa. Cities in the mix are Vancouver, Dallas and Columbus.

4- Exciting week ahead! TSN has a full day of hockey analysis ahead - TradeCentre starts at 8 AM ET and goes until 5 or 6. The whole crew is on set to discuss each trade, and JFJ is joining the team. With Duthie as host, it should be a rockin' good time, AND there's an NHL game on after TradeCentre.

5- Speaking of the trade deadline, there should be great coverage over at FF. Can't get enough of this stuff.

6- Philly = hahahahahahahahahahaha. That's for all the crap you gave us after the Pens lost to the Flyers in December.

7- Detroit = second worst record in the NHL (behind the Flyers) for the last 10 days. AND they're without Lidstrom for at least another 2 weeks. AND Hasek is out. AND Rafalski is out. AND Chelios is out for the time being. AND Dallas is only 6 points back. Something tells me that Detroit is coming down to earth just like Ottawa did, and that they may not be number one in the West by the time the playoffs start.

8- Murphy's Law = you drop a guy from your fantasy team who hasn't scored a point in like 2 weeks, and that very night he scores 2 goals and 2 assists. Ribeiro sucks.

9- In case I haven't alluded to it before, James Duthie is the best host in sports history.

This is from the second intermission of the Pens/Sharks game:

And for my all-time favourite Duthie moment, here he is last summer at the Roger's Cup tennis tourney in Canada. He was the umpire for a 'celebrity' match involving Anna Kournikova (number 4). I can be your hero baby....


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