Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hockey Commercial 16: Buttered Toast

The only thing bad about coming home is the dial-up internet. I forgot how s-l-o-w it can be.

Here's a commercial that was on TV last year, one of those 'Just Like Me' commercials the NHL made to appeal to the public.

But I also found this...a little behind the scenes footage with Joe and his toast.


Stoosh said...

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I always make it a point to make a nice breakfast here at Castille de Stoosh. Eggs, some bacon, coffee, the whole shebang. And every morning, I fight this same war with the toast.

So yes, I suppose Joe Thornton is just like me, with the only real difference being the fact that Joe cashes a check every two weeks that roughly equates what I pull down in at least a year, maybe two.

I need to start leaving the butter out of the fridge on weekends.

Ashley said...

:) breakfast sounds good. Bacon, eggs, toast, OJ...nice

Yes, you definitely need to leave the butter out of the fridge. Maybe keep it in a cupboard somewhere? It's not like it's summer and the butter will melt into a mess, eh? Or, here's an idea: take a skim of butter and lightly butter the toast and add more as needed. Too much pressure = butchered toast.

Pens win and Cryers lose. It's a good day.

DaBich said...

Loved this commercial. I try to do the weekend bacon/eggs/toast thing a lot too. Coffee rocks!

Stoosh said...

The butter has officially been traded from the fridge to the cupboard. :)

(For what it's worth, I apologize for sounding like a complete dumbass above. For whatever reason, I always kept the butter in the fridge.)

You know what else is starting to grow on me? McDonald's coffee. This Premium Roast stuff that they serve is a bit bitter at first, but once you get used to it, it's pretty not bad. A bit of a premium roasted kick in the ass.

They built a Tim Horton's in Erie that's like three minutes away from where I grew up (what, we couldn't have arranged this when I was still living in Erie??), and I will always be partial to the Tim Horton's from now on.

Speaking of which, this is something Sid needs to start working on in his soon-to-be-decreasing "down time":

Sid = endorser of the goodness that is Tim Horton's.

Pittsburgh = Tim Horton's-less

See what I'm getting at???


Ashley said...

Good trade! I think that you have won that deal, Stoosh. And don't apologize - I do stuff that makes me look like a bigger dumbass than that, so take comfort in my dumbass-ness.

I know that Tim Horton's is not a universal thing (even though they ARE in Kandahar), but it's still hard to believe that not every place has a Tim's on every freakin' street corner. We must have 20 Tims franchises in Greater Moncton (only 1 Starbucks haha). Tim's chocolate chip muffins = drool-worthy. Had one this morning/for lunch. Sid should definitely bring the goodness of Tim Horton's Timbits to the city of Pittsburgh. They don't know what they're missing...

Can't say that I'm partial to their coffee though...or any coffee for that matter. Can't stand the smell of it, let alone the taste of coffee-flavoured stuff. I'll stick to my OJ.

DaBich said...

MmmmmmMMmmm coffee....


Anonymous said...

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