Friday, February 22, 2008

Hockey Commercial 22: I said left, LEFT!

Here's another NHL promo from last year, starring Alex Ovechkin. I think this may be the only way Ovechkin is "just like me." Stupid vending machines...

And here's a little behind the scenes footage.

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Stoosh said...

Philadelphia Flyers - The Hosery Continues for nine straight games. Woo!!

They were supposedly booed off the ice last night in Philly. They were booed during the game when they were outhustled to the puck by the Sharks. They also showed a promotion on the jumbotron that featured Briere, and that drew probably the most boos from the Philly crowd. I'm enjoying this...I really am! (cue maniacal laughter) mwahahahhahahaha! :)

What a game last night. I can no longer adequately describe the type of hockey that Evgeni Malkin is playing. This must've been what it was like watching Lemieux play in his prime, when he was averaging two points a game and no one could really stop him.

I'm gonna be really curious to see what happens to this team at the deadline.