Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hockey Commercial 7: Road Trip

Update: I put this post up this morning and it didn't have a comments section. I was messing around with the settings last night and I must have done something. Anyways, I think it's fixed now, so here's a new post of the old post. :)


I know that many, if not all, of you have seen this one. The NHL made it last year during the All-Star break.

Seriously, how much fun would this have been???

And now, here are the behind the scenes stuff.

Joe Thornton cracks me up...

And now, Seeker sent me this video with Chelios and Samuel L. Jackson.

"The next time I see him, I'm gonna take Lord Stanley's Cup and shove it right up his candy ass." hahahaha

....Did you buy your WWGRD and Conkblock t-shirts yet?.....


seeker said...

Oh boy...I really did it now, eh?

I'll take the blame for you messing around with the settings!

I wondered about the lack of a comments link thinking maybe I'm too much of a pest ;-)

"...and you will KNOW my name is the Lord when I lay my vengence upon thee!"

Ashley said...

lol no worries, all's fixed!

I love that quote you put down from the Chelios/Jackson video. I swear, if I was the other team, I'd be intimidated by that display.

seeker said...

As a youth hockey coach....I'm just waiting until the right time to use that quote before a big game.

DaBich said...

Oh My! How much fun would that be making that commercial with those guys! Funny stuff!!

Lord Stanley's Cup up his candy azz LMAO!

Ashley said...

I know, watching those road trip videos make me wish that I was a hockey player...looks like so much fun!