Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ottawa's still number one

A few general thoughts before I retire for the night:

- Montreal lost to Toronto at the Bell Centre. Beautiful shorthanded breakaway goal by Kovy, but Carey Price's unbeaten streak against the Leafs still came to an end. It's amazing how the Leafs can turn in a great performance against some top of the top teams in the League (Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal...edit: oops, Toronto hasn't played Detroit yet. That's this Saturday), but then lose to teams that aren't so great.

Oh well, at least Montreal didn't lose 8-0 in front of a home crowd that cheers when the other team gets a hat trick...

- Ottawa won their game against Florida tonight...even though it was a close 5-4 victory. This win means that they stay on top of the conference, three points ahead of the Habs.

- Heater returned to the lineup tonight and proved that his shoulder is just fine. Two goals and an assist. What the frig?

- Pens win! AND it was against a DIVISIONAL RIVAL!! Ryan Whitney with two goals and an assist - I guess MT knew exactly which buttons to push, eh?

And LeGame with the game-winner. The kid's a keeper.


seeker said...

LeGame ROCKS!!!

By the way....

Took a peek at the blog linked in the side bar "Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies".

Mini ponies totally creep me out! I love horses, but those things can be very nasty little buggers!

seeker said...

Speaking of creepy mini-ponies, this Verizon commercial pretty well sums up me feelings on them:

DaBich said...

LeGame not only rocks, he's hot too! =D
What a game!

Ashley said...

I seriously need to get Centre Ice next season...I hate the fact that I only get to see maybe 15 games all season. I guess I can't be too upset though because if I was a fan of the Florida Panthers (do they have fans??), I'd only get to see maybe 3 or 4 games a season on TSN/CBC/Sportsnet/RDS.

As for mini-ponies, I think they're cute. Never seen any up close to get a sense of their temperament though. I'm much more of a dog person anyways.

seeker said...

As a (rather elderly) guy, it's hard for me to say any of the players are "hot" without PB Charlie crying foul.

However, I can say I think he's a nice-looking young man and have told my Daughter that....although she's stuck on Maxime as being the "hottest" Penguin.

I beg to differ with her.

seeker said...

"I seriously need to get Centre Ice next season."

It would probably be cheaper to travel to see a game or two at the Igloo!

Come hang-out with us!!!

Earlier this season we even got Gary Roberts to say "Hello" to some friends on our cellphone who didn't believe we were really in the presence of His Holiness.

Ashley said...

A trip to the 'Burgh would be awesome. I've never actually seen an NHL game live and in person...only on TV. But I'm afraid that the closest I may get to the Pens would be if I passed by Sidney Crosby here in town during the off-season.

seeker said...

Yeah that would be quite a trip!

I've driven to & from Montreal many's approx. 10 hours. Aside from being to Quebec City (kid's hockey tournaments), that's the furthest I've been in your direction.

I've got a biker-buddy named Rocky (no...not the flying squirrel) in Cole Harbour. He's in his late 70s and is planning a MOTORCYCLE trip to Peru of all places!!!

I'll be going to the Flyers game Sunday. We'll try to text a message to be shown on the Igloo's Jumbotron saying something to you and then get a picture of it to send you! any suggestions on what you'd like it to say?

Ashley said...

Wow, a bike trip from Halifax to PERU?? haha good for him!

So you wanna try to get something up on the Jumbotron for me eh? about this:

WWGRD? Bring the Pens to Halifax so Ash can see them play.


seeker said...

OK...that's what we'll text to them....cross your fingers that they post it up there and we'll get you a pic of it.

"Halifax to Peru"

That's what he says! Crazy Canuck, eh? He's really into those ruins and says he's going by bike before he dies.

seeker said...

Oh..and I thought you might want the text to say something like:

"Hi Ash @ Ultimate Hat Trick"

Then you could use the photo in the header of your blog.

Just sayin' ;-)

DaBich said...

seeker, tell your daughter that Bugsy is the hottest player on the team, hands down LOL!
Just what is elderly??? I'm closer to 50 than 40...I may be getting older, but I'm not dead...;)

Your friend is in his 70's and does long motorcycle trips like that??? WOW! We have a Kawasaki Vulcan Meanstreak and I love riding behind hubby. Your friend is brave tho...Peru???

Ashley said...

seeker - lol you can text whatever you want to the Pens. I'm not picky :)

dabich - you really have a thing for Malone, eh? haha