Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hockey Commercial 14: Marty makes the big save

I apologize for the video quality of this commercial. I've been trying to find a better version, but this seems to be the only copy available.

This commercial was shown all day, every day last winter/spring. It disappeared over the summer, but it is making a strong comeback.

My favourite part is when Luc Robitaille looks at Marty Brodeur and says, "It's not delivery, Marty, it's Delissio." The look on his face and the tone of his just kills me.


DaBich said...

Good one...Luc is a hottie too!

Ashley said...

lol I see you're keeping your eyes on all the hockey players, eh?

I bet you could come up with a list of the 10 hottest players in the League, eh? :)

BTW, gotta agree with you.

Stoosh said...

Luc IS a, um...I

Sorry...Pensblog Charlie moment.

Ashley said...


oh man, I needed that today..

DaBich said...

Ok...wth does that mean? C'mon, fill an old lady in ;)

Ash, I might have to do that...make a list of the top 10 hottest NHL players ;)

I'm thinkin Malone would have to top the list tho!

BTW, I may be old, but I'm not DEAD..yet ... lol

Ashley said...

Dabich - now, how did I know that Malone would top your list? haha

BTW, Pensblog Charlie is a fictitious guy over at 'The Pensblog' who is gay.

Stoosh said...

ASH - Glad you enjoyed that. :)

The way my day's gone, much of the same. Normally, I see 4:00 and I'm wishing it was 5:00 because I can't wait to get home. Today, I saw 4:00 and I'm irritated because I could use another two hours to get everything done.


Ashley said...

Stoosh - It's been Weekfromhellblog for me.

I have a huge presentation tomorrow...and just started working on it today. And I was up 'til 4:30 last night (this morning?) doing a stupid case study. My goal is to survive until 2PM tomorrow, then it's busridehomeblog for me.

Winter break could not come soon enough. School sucks.

On a brighter note, Canes and Pens tonight. Hoping for a better showing than last night.

And how about MAF?? I'm so happy for him :)

Stoosh said...

ASH - I was terrible at chemistry (like run-away-screaming-from-chem-textbooks-terrible), so I luckily didn't have to experience much along those lines in school. I was a psychology major though, so I do remember having labs; ours were cake compared to the bio and chem labs. I felt guilty because a bunch of friends of mine were bio/chem majors in school and then studied the same in post-graduate education and I remember what they went through. So you certainly have my sympathy. Good luck and just remember to take a break every once in a while.

Friday can't get here soon enough. I actually don't think I have anything scheduled for this weekend. After this week at work, I need a weekend to not think much. What are you doing for winter break?

I'm HOPING to catch at least some of the Pens-Canes game tonight. I have to run home and then change and go to a meeting at 8:00, so I'm going to miss most of the game.

As much as I love what Conks is doing for the Pens, I can't wait to get Fleury back. He's one of my favorites on the team and I think the kid is going to be a hell of a goaltender. There's a faction of fans down here that just can't stand him, but they're largely the same fans who can't figure out why he hasn't turned into Patrick Roy yet. Most fans here don't understand that high-level goalies don't hit that elite status until at least around age 25 or so (see Luongo, Roberto). That's why it would be a huge mistake to deal him, and I can't understand why some fans are even seriously entertaining that.

I've only seen one goalie whose reactions and instincts with the puck were quicker than Fleury's, and that's Patrick Roy. I hate to put that on him, but it's true. Fleury just needs time and experience to refine his game.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - Winter break for me will consist of sleep, a few appointments, studying for biochem midterm, sleep, watching lots of hockey (including 2 or 3 Pens games), sleep, and eating real food. Not as interesting or fun as going to Whistler to snowboard, but I'll be happy to go home for a week and try to recharge. Only two months left, and I don't want to blow it or else they won't let me graduate.

So you were a psych major, eh? My first degree is in biopsychology, so I definitely know of the differences between chem/bio/physics labs and psych labs. Then again, I don't think our psych labs were actual labs, but more like a couple of assignments that they called 'labs'.

I hear ya about Fleury. It baffles my mind to hear (see?) people say that Fleury sucks and was a waste of a draft pick and will never amount to anything. I mean, the kid is just 23 years old! He's the same age as my little brother!

I guess some people will never understand that goalies take longer to develop. That, and I think that it hurt his development when he entered the League at such a young age and didn't have a goalie coach.

If Shero was dumb enough to move him, we would be kicking our asses in 2 years time when Fleury proves to be one of the best in the NHL. Some people think that Conks is the absolute real deal (not a flash in the pan) and deserves to be the number one goalie in Pittsburgh when Fleury comes back, but I am not one of the converted. Me and my Fleury mini goalie stick will cheer for MAF.

Back to my presentation on energy intake and marathon runners...I'm tellin ya, it's absolutely captivating stuff haha

Stoosh said...

Ash - I never did much for spring breaks when I was in school, mostly because I couldn't afford to go anywhere. I always went back to Erie for a week. It was nice to have a week to relax and not have much to do - I'd go skating with my little sister (she used to skate competitively), hit up an Otters game or two and mostly relax.

Yes, I was a psych major. I actually thought about going into neuropsych, but I discovered it a bit too late (the second semester of sophomore year). Most post-grad programs required a background in bio/chem. I was already about a year and a half behind on that; I would've had to take our school's pre-med program, which was a combination of bio, chem and physics, and there's just no way that would've ended well. So I graduated with a psych degree, went to law school and that didn't work out. Now I work in business. Go figure (love my job, though).

Rough third period tonight. Did you get a chance to see much of the game? I missed all of it but the third. Geno looked awfully pissed tonight. If he keeps playing like this when Sid gets back, wow.

I can't wait to get Fleury back if only because it'll mean less of Sabourin. And I agree...while Conks has done some amazing things this year, there's no way I'd put all my eggs in that basket beyond this year. I'm not even sure he's going to be our main option for the playoffs. He plays a nice basic game, but I don't know if nice and basic will cut it in the postseason.

Stoosh said...

Hey, I meant to say good luck on the presentation tomorrow!

Have a safe trip back home, too.

One more day until the weekend...


Ashley said...

Thanks :) I can use all the luck I can get!

My plan after my first degree was to go to grad school and get a PhD in neuropsychology/neuroscience...but it didn't work out. So I took a year off to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life, and on a whim I decided to go against the grain and get another BSc, this one in dietetics. Turns out that the vast majority of people in my program are just like me - graduates of an arts or science program, found no place to work, and fell into nutrition. It's really sad how students have no clue what they can do with their degrees after graduation. It seems like most of my friends with psych degrees are working in retail and not by choice.

Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the game. I only get to see the games they televise nationally, which works out to about 10-15 games a season, and then all of the playoffs. I did have the NHL game summary open so that I could check the score every 5 minutes, and it was rough. The 2-1 lead was nice...until the 'Canes scored. What got me was the fact that Carolina had twice as many shots on goal as the Penguins.

Geno certainly has been on fire since Sid went out. I'm actually planning on writing a piece for FF about the Sid/Geno thing and how it seems like some people are dismissing Sid, saying that Geno is the best player on the team. The 'trade' talk concerning Sid kind of boggles my mind, even though I fully realize that it's crazy talk and that people are saying these things to get a reaction from others.

Stoosh said...

I need to get my butt in gear and post stuff to FF more often. I feel bad because I promised Jesse and the other guys from the site more than what I've given them so far, and I've really dropped the ball on it (gotta find a way to restart my Otters project, for instance). A lot of it is time-related, but some it has been sheer laziness on my part, too.

I like that concept of the Sid/Geno article. I'm with you. If I'm Shero, that thought isn't even crossing my mind. There isn't a deal out there that any team could offer me that I would consider equal value to Crosby.

He loves Pittsburgh because it reminds him of home. The fans absolutely adore him here but despite that, the city is very respectful of his privacy. This place might be the only city in North America where a star of his magnitude can lead a relatively-normal existence, yet still be appreciated and loved for the talent that he is.

If you made a mold of a model franchise player, he'd be it. He's well-spoken, polite and respectful to the media (mature well beyond his years in this respect). He's great with the fans.

He's good-looking...yes, I'll say it...he's a good-looking guy (and this is not a PB Charlie moment), so he's easy to market to every demographic.

He's a consummate teammate, almost ego-less in the locker room despite the fact that his schedule often keeps him away from his teammates at times (although he seems to almost feel guilty for this). He seems to really enjoy just being a part of the team and doesn't expect to be treated any differently. He competes like he's about to be cut from the roster tomorrow.

And there's the little matter of the fact that he's the most complete player in the league - no skilled player embraces a checking and defensive role the way he does, and the modern game's never seen a physical player with this much skill.

Sorry for the long response, but I first heard of Sid when he was like 14 years old...right around the time Kovalchuk got drafted, and I never figured we'd be lucky enough to land him...that just never happened to teams I cheer for. The day we won that lottery was one of the three best days of my life as a sports fan.

Ashley said...

Don't apologize for the length your response - I always like to read what you have to say and I must say that I agree with you 100% here.

Sid is my favourite player in the League, so there is that bias there, but when I'm as objective as I can be, I see all the same things that you mentioned above. I get frustrated when people put him down for silly reasons, like that he's a cry-baby, and when they say that they wouldn't want him on their team. I wonder how anyone can look at him and really say that they wouldn't want him on their team. I wouldn't say that about Lecavalier, or Ovechkin, or Thornton, or Iginla.

Could it be that I just don't truly hate another team - though Philly is starting to get under my skin (or maybe it's just the fans). Do people say these things about Sid because they hate every team that is not their own, and every player who is not on their own team (and even some who ARE)? I think of a friend of mine, a die-hard Habs fan who says horrible stuff about Sid - what would she think if he was traded to Montreal? I don't know, just a few things I keep thinking about.

I've heard Sid say that Pittsburgh feels like home, which is why he likes it so much. Now, I've never been to Pittsburgh, but the Maritimes is a blue-collar type of place where people work hard and are friendly to anyone. We'll say hi to strangers, excuse me when we cross in front of someone's path in the grocery store, and thank you when someone holds the door open for us. It's all about being laid back, not uptight like those people in 'T-dot' and NYC. If that's the way Pittsburgh is, then I totally see where Sid is coming from.

"This place might be the only city in North America where a star of his magnitude can lead a relatively-normal existence, yet still be appreciated and loved for the talent that he is."
- Can you imagine if he played in a media-crazy place like Toronto or Montreal....or for ANY Canadian franchise? The non-superstars find it hard to play up here, so I can't imagine what it would be like for Sid. It would be 1000X worse than when Gretzky played for the Oilers.

Anyways, gotta run and pack my stuff/cram it into a suitcase of sorts. Have a good one!

and DABICH - you should definitely post your top 10 list. I'm curious to see who you got on it haha

DaBich said...

Ok, gotcha on Pensblog Charlie lol

DaBich said...

top 10 list...hmmm... ;)