Thursday, October 11, 2007

Start saving for the Olympics now!

Who wants to go to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver/Whistler??? MEEEEE!!!!!!

But wait, I'll have to part with something dearly precious in order to attend. Perhaps my left kidney?

That's about the only way most of us will be able to afford the tix for the Games. VANOC announced their ticket prices today, and some of these prices are more than what I make in a month.

Do you want to attend the kick-ass party also known as the Opening Ceremonies? Fork over between $175 and $1100, and the ticket's all yours.

Perhaps Men's Hockey is more your thing. You'll have to part with $755 shiny loonies to get the best seats at the gold medal game (or only $450 and $350 for nosebleed seats), making this the most expensive (sporting) event to attend at the Vancouver Games.

Women's Hockey? Those tix are being sold for as little as $25 a pop. What the frig? This speaks volumes as to the status of women's hockey compared to men's hockey. I bet these el-cheapo tickets are for the Italy-Japan games anyway - there's no way these tix would get you in to see Wickenheiser and the girls play the so-called evil enemy.

About half of the tickets will be under $100, which ain't too bad, considering it's the OLYMPICS...and the Games are in OUR country. I'm guessing that most of these cheap tix will be to outdoor events, like cross-country skiing, where you can watch people ski past you for only $25. Once in a lifetime, peoples, once in a freakin' lifetime...

But if you're like me and you are drooling at the idea of watching the competition live and in person, you'd better start saving those loonies now. Tickets go on sale October 11th...2008. And they will sell out fast, real fast.

You might also want to work on finding a new friend in the Greater Vancouver area, because something tells me that it will be hard to find a hotel room, or even a vacant cot in the lobby of a shaddy motel.

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