Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pens and Leafers on HNIC. Sweet.

PENS WIN 6-4!! Even sweeter!

Sabourin had an eventful first period. He started in goal, let a couple of pucks get past him, and got hurt when Orpik pushed Tucker right into him. Bring in MAF, who looked a bit more solid in the net. He still let in a few goals, but eh.

The Pens' offense was ON FIRE. Six goals, and over 50 shots on goal. Toskala kept it from being a complete blow out.

But just where has the Pens PP been? I think it's still on summer vacation. Hope it decides to come back this season because it's greatly missed. And then just as I wrote this, Sid scored on the PP. Figures.

Speaking of Crosby, he finally broke the big goose egg by scoring his first and second goals of the season. Nice. He's also kicked ass on faceoffs, winning like 75%. Very nice.

Don Cherry still thinks that Crosby shouldn't be captain yet because it's taking his focus off the game a bit. Cherry criticizing Crosby, what else is new..I'm just surprised that he didn't start flattering Jordan Staal, saying how he should've won the Calder Trophy.

A lot of the players were cuddly tonight. Kubina had a couple of holding penalties, McCabe was a grabber too. I think McCabe made a nice little home in the box tonight because he kept doing things to go back. Maybe he put a nice fuzzy teddy bear in the box.

Poor Brooksie. He went to hit the Leafer, and got a big ol' glove and stick in the face and was hurt bad. He looked dazed and confused when the guys practically carried him off the ice. Looked like a concussion to me.

So, the Pens' offense showed up tonight, but I think the D slept late...or didn't wake up at all. Perhaps not as bad as Toronto's D, but still - if the Pens have any slim hope of making it far into the playoffs, the D needs to wake up and actually play a defensive game. I'm just saying..

You have to give Toronto fans a lot of credit for continuing to support their team, even when the product is, um, less than perfect. The Leafs organization has been messed up for years, and they've messed the team up pretty good, but the people still come, and they cheer like they've won the Stanley Cup - even those most of them don't know what that's like.

Thumbs up to the little girl in the Mooseheads jersey and the sign saying that Halifax loves Crosby. Nice to have the Maritimes represented in the crowd.

Ok, so Sid got the first star of the game, I totally agree, but Talbot didn't get any love by CBC?? He only scored 2 goals tonight...
Next Pens game on TV = NJ/PIT on Wednesday night. Can't wait. Go Pens


Ottawa continues to dominate, winning again tonight against the Rangers. In fact, they won the game in less than 1 minute by scoring 3 goals in 52 seconds. Heatley got his 6th - he could end up with 60+ goals this year. Yikes.

Gerber's an absolute wall. He should have gotten a shutout, but the powers-that-be took that away from him. Stupid war room people. Jagr's goal shouldn't have counted.

Emery's close to coming back to the nation's capital. He just finished his second 'rehab' game in the AHL, where he faced 48 shots, stopping 46. He'd better hope that he keeps it up with the Sens, because Marty's making a really good case for taking his job.

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