Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gerber's no Swiss cheese

Martin Gerber, backup goaltender for the Ottawa Senators, is having a great time between the pipes. He is one big reason why the Sens are 4-0 right now. Check out his stats:

SV% : 0.949
GAA : 1.73
SO : 1


Sure, the Sens' season is only 4 games old, but that's pretty impressive. What gets better is that Gerber is 14-0-2 (2.02 GAA, 0.931 SV%) since December 23rd.

Bigger wow

Some people are quick to say, "Hello?! TRADE BAIT!!" but I wouldn't jump the gun here. Emery's still out with a bad wrist (and who knows how it will hold up) and Ottawa is going to push for the Cup again this year. They have the offense, the D, and Gerber just might be what they need to stabilize the goaltending situation. I know, I didn't think I'd be saying that, but whatever, I change my mind. Deal with it.

Don't be surprised if the Sens decide to play Gerber a little more and Emery a little less. And if Em starts to show leakiness-a-plenty, his job will be to warm the bench. Ottawa wants the Cup, and they won't let bad goaltending get in the way.

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