Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pens and Habs, Habs and Pens...who won? Not us.

Yesterday was a day of excitement. People across North America and around the world were thrilled that the Pens were playing. Never mind that it was only their 3rd of 82 games in the regular season - we always get excited when our team plays! I, myself, had a little extra spring in my step. I turned on the internet radio to listen to Lange and Bourque call the game, and I switched on to Game Day Chat so that others could tell me what happened 30 seconds before I actually heard Lange describe the play.

Then, it happened.

Carey Price happened.

True, yesterday I was a tad cautious by not calling him the second coming of St. Patrick, and I'm not quite ready to go there just yet. But wow, Price certainly did put on a show last night at the Igloo. If he keeps it up, Gainey will look like a genius for keeping him in the big league and Price will be knocking on Huet's door for the number one spot. Montreal fans are always looking for a top-flight player to cheer for, and they may force Carbo's hand if Price plays like an MVP.

I really like this kid, and he deserves a lot of credit for standing tall last night.

But did it have to be against the Penguins??

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Robbblog said...

And Price made his debut some 22 years to the day when Pat Roy made his debut and it too was against the Pens waaaaaaaaaay back in the 1985-85 NHL season, and the Habs went on to win Lord Stanley that season too!