Tuesday, October 23, 2007


(clears throat)


I'm not a puckbunny,
Or a cheerleader.
And I don't wear pink jerseys,
Mini-skirts, or booty shorts to the Arena.
And I don't know Sidney, Jordan or Geno from the Pens,
Although I'm certain they're really, really nice.

We have a Commissioner
NOT a leader.
I speak English, French, and Hockey
NOT Soccer.
And I pronounce it 'Bee-ek-sa'
NOT 'Bee-es-ka.'

I can proudly sew the Pens' logo on my backpack.

I believe in forechecking, NOT goalie interference.
Shot blocking, NOT shots to the head.
And that Lemieux is a truly proud and noble owner.

A 'biscuit' is a puck,
A 'sin bin' is a penalty box,
And it's pronounced 'Pie-yay', not 'Pale', 'PIE-YAY'!

Hockey is the second greatest passtime! <-- 2nd only to sleeping
The only thing to watch on Saturday night!
And the greatest sport in the World!

My name is Ashley, and I AM A HOCKEY FAN!

Thank you.


The Seeker said...

You have ALL my respect Ashley!

Anyone calling you a puckbunny had best be ready for a highstick to the choppers.

Similarly...my Daughter (who's now become my game watching partner since my two boys have moved out) would never wear a pink jersey and would put most men to shame with her knowledge of the game. Of course, she's been dragged to rinks since the time she was in a car seat for those 6:00 AM youth hockey practices and games all over Northeastern USA.

Number Nine said...

Wow! Did somebody call you a "puckbunny" recently?

You seem quite upset.

I will be the first to admit that I refer to a large amount of female hockey fans that I meet as "puckbunnies", but I do this rightfully so, as they do not understand the sport nor do they have any interest in the sport with the exception of "checking out" the players.

You definately seem to posses the knowledge and understanding of the game, which sets you in a class of your own.

I agree completely with you on the pink jerseys. They are an insult to the true fans, and a disrespect to the tradition of the "hockey sweater".

Ashley said...

Haha, yeah, the word "puckbunny" has been thrown my way on occasion - you think I need some kind of therapy, maybe? I have no problem with calling a puckbunny a puckbunny, if that is what she is. The issue that I have is when people assume that all girls who love hockey are puckbunnies.

The previous post displays the frustration of the whole thing. This one, however, was born from a moment of creativity. I just had some fun, killed myself laughing, and all that good stuff.

Barrasso35 said...

What's wrong with soccer? :-P

Anonymous said...

Okay, stealing an modifying.

Also adding you to the blogroll :-)

Ashley said...

barrasso - absolutely nothing wrong with soccer. i just don't care for it :)

teka - steal all you want! heck, i stole/modified it from molson's "I am Canadian" commercial that was oh-so-popular back in 1999/2000. and thanks..i'll return the favour!

scottyd said...

I don't know which is funnier, your post or the fact that I'm an American and I got the reference.