Monday, October 22, 2007

The 'Female Hockey Fan' is not a Puckbunny.

Just to make myself clear, I hate using the phrase "female hockey fans", because it somehow gives the impression that girls are less knowledgeable, less enthusiastic, etc. about hockey. That being said, I'm going to use it today just to differentiate between guys and girls.

That girl in the middle, holding up the "Priceless" sign: what's your impression of her? For that matter, what's your impression of female hockey fans in general?

I bet someone out there will say, "Oh, that puckbunny just wants to get with Dion Phaneuf." I know you people exist, and I'm giving you all The Glare (TM).

It's a problem that girls face every day when others realize that we love the game. We can't possibly love hockey, right? Only guys go crazy over sports. We're the 'fans' who don't know what an offside call is, but who would love to get 'onside' with one of the players, eh? Uh, no.

You could fill a stadium with people who have given me odd looks when I told them that I love hockey. It's not as bad if I say that the Canadiens are my team, because that's just accepted in this part of the world - if you love hockey, you're either a Habs fan or a Leafs fan. Things get interesting when I mention that I love the Penguins. I bet you can guess what comment they make then, eh?

"Oh, you just have a thing for Sidney Crosby."

Um, what the frig??

My hypothesis is that when I tell people that I am a Habs fan, they just assume that I inherited this from my family - which may be partly true since I'm French-Canadian and all of my uncles are Habs fans - and that I don't really know anything about hockey. It's kind of like saying you're 'French', but your vocabulary consists of 'oui', 'non', and 'voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?' - but you're not even sure of what the last phrase means.

Saying that I'm a Pens fan, however, is different because I am going against the grain. People in these parts are not naturally Pens fans, so if you're a fan of that team you must either (1) be a legitimate hockey fan who appreciates the team, its history, and so on, or (2) a puckbunny who would like to get up close and personal with a certain someone on the team. Since it is against nature for girls to be hockey fans, the correct answer must be reason 2. Naturally.

The NHL doesn't help matters by offering these hideous 'jerseys':

Seriously, is this some kind of a joke? Apparently not, since I see girls on TV wearing these and bouncing around like lunatics. If I'm going to spend what little money I have on a jersey, I want to buy the real deal - or an exact replica of the real deal. I want it to be in the team colours. This pink and white thing just screams, "I want to be fashionable when I go to a hockey game." Well, guess what. Hockey jerseys are not meant to be 'fashionable'. We buy them to show our allegiance to our team. It is wrong to have a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey that is not black (or white) and gold.

Would you want to a green Canadian flag, or a perhaps a purple and pink American flag, to fly outside your home?

Didn't think so.


The Seeker said...

LOL....actually they do have black and gold American flags sold in Pittsburgh! Bu then again, Pittsburgh rocks-out so hard that the USA can barley handle us...hahahaha.

HockeyFanaticGirl said...

You Go girl! I am a die hard hockey fan too! And a girl at that *gasps heard around the room* You hold onto your own us girls know just as much about hockey as all them boys! Maybe even more seeing as we're the ones typically watching the game sober! Go Girl Hockey Fans and Boo Frigging Losers who hate on us!

Anonymous said...

You just got yourself on the "People To Tell When I'm Done Writing Thesis" list. My MA thesis is all going to be on the place of the female fan in hockey- everything from marketing to puckbunnies to what the players actually think of it. (yeah, I'm interviewing teams!)

Ashley said...


Good luck on the thesis! It sounds like a great topic - something that would be really interesting to research (and to read too!)

Anonymous said...


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I am an enthusiastic fan of hockey hard! And a girl in that * gasp * heard around the room You hold in your own we know much about hockey, like all boys!

VThockeyfan said...

I am a hardcore hockey fan and a sports reporter and I am a woman. I can't tell you how often I get funny looks and am the only female reporter at a sporting event. But whatever I love my team and sports, girl or no, and I am damn good at my job.

CitricSugar said...

Amen! Sing it, Sister!

The pink/white, gold/white, and silver/white jerseys that are meant to make the sport more "accessible" to those of us deemed by the marketing department at the NHL to be chromosomally challenged in our hockey-love development are offensive and just awful. If you can't wear your teams colours because they don't go with your shoes or match your complexion, you are not a hockey fan and you do not love your team.

I will confess to admiring the form of a player or two but even if he's got the skills and can grow a decent play-off beard, I'm not slapping his name on my back with a Mrs. in front of it, as I respect us both too much for that.

My friends know not to expect my company during playoffs, unless they don't mind cursing blue streaks and only getting eye contact in conversation during intermissions. I read Puck Daddy and watch TSN and turn into a raving lunatic when someone mentions the trapezoid. I also quilt, bake, and wear heels.

Three cheers to all warriors proving that woman and hockey fan are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Female Nucks fan here. I been following the team since I was 13 (24 now), and I love the game. I watch 90% of the games each year, go to playoff watching parties, deck out the car with car flags, and watch Hockey Night in Canada whenever possible (even if the Canucks aren't playing).

In a city where most would claim to be Canucks fans, I know more about the team that most of my male co-workers, which is a source of pride : )

Female fans, represent!

The Coach's Daughter said...

I 100% love you for this, and I even linked to this article in my little blurb about this SI thing!
LOVE this article, it probably made my week.

John said...

Haha...probably more because we watch it sober...hilarious!

Jayne said...

Well said! I had to post this on Facebook, because I know my fellow hockey fans (who are all women, by the way) will appreciate it. SI is such a trashy, derogatory heap anyway--unless you're a guy, I suppose!

Anonymous said...

you people are too fucking sensitive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm British. Nobody here knows what ice hockey is, and field hockey is played mainly by teenage girls at private high schools. And while I am blown away by the players' skills, if I want to lust over someone, I generally prefer them to have all their teeth. I'm odd that way.

I love hockey. Love it. It's the adrenaline rush of the speed and skill, and absolute need for smarts as well as brawn. Sneaky players score goals, and the rapport between teammates who can predict the moves before they materialise is just pure ice-bound magic to watch. I love that it's such an intense and passionate contact sport. I love that it's such a genuine team game that they're symbiotic. I love that they get points for setting up a goal for someone else, that they lose it mainly when the other side damage or threaten one of their own, that they all care so damn much. The finesse and talent and raw determination they need to get anywhere is mesmerising. And all at 30mph, on skates.

And yet on the comments under a YouTube clip, some guy tells a woman whose opinions he dislikes, "STFU! I don't have to listen to this shit because your picture says you're a girl, so you know fuck all about hockey, or any other sport. Women never do, you just want to fuck Crosby."

The worst part was that I agreed with hia arguments when they were focused on the actual sport. He argued that other teams didn't have to go easier on Crosby because he has a concussion history - either he was well enough to play, or he wasn't, but it's an aggressive contact sport and nobody gets a pass. That was fine, and I agreed comopletely. He should have been able to discuss it with her like a grownup. Instead, he exploded in misogynist fury when the little lady wouldn't be told by his entitled male self. And that's normal, on the comment sites I've seen.

When the most chilled place to discuss hockey is Reddit, you know something is FUBAR.

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