Friday, October 12, 2007

The Bad Boys of Philly, Part 2

You would think that players would have learned from Steve Downie's hit on McAmmond a few weeks back. Okay, so maybe not everyone will learn from that hit, but you would expect that the Flyers would be a little extra cautious in the 'dirty hits' department.

I guess that's asking too much of Philly.

Two nights ago, Jesse Boulerice of the Flyers crosschecked Ryan Kesler of the Canucks in the face, breaking his stick in the process. Here's some lovely video of the incident, courtesy of YouTube, the bestest site in the world.

What's going on in Philly? Why are their players running around and taking people's heads off? Are they on some kind of mind-altering drugs?

Right now, all eyes are on Philly, and it's not the kind of attention they want. The Flyers' organization definitely needs to do something about this team or the NHL bosses will hand Head Coach John Stevens a nice hefty fine. Guys need to know that they can't crosscheck someone in the face. Or skate half the length of the rink, launch yourself into the air and smash your shoulder into someone's head. It's just common sense - which some people apparently lack - and the Flyers' organization hasn't done much to make sure their players know the rules.

In order to drill some common sense back into Boulerice's head, NHL Disciplinarian Colin Campbell has hit him with a 25-game suspension - which ties him with Chris Simon for the longest suspension in NHL history. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to be known for...

We'll see if this suspension 'rehabilitates' Boulerice, but somehow I doubt it. He was handed a 1-year suspension from the OHL in the late 90's for swinging his stick like a bat at Andrew Long's head. Long ended up in the hospital, fighting for his life, and Boulerice was charged with aggravated assault.

It's sad to see this total lack of respect for others in hockey. Maybe 25 games is not enough. Maybe players have gotten used to this type of suspension and don't think it's that bad. Maybe Campbell needs to start putting his foot down and handing out season-long suspensions.

Maybe then guys would think twice before assaulting another player on the ice.

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Robbblog said...

I think Philly is trying to bring back the Broad Street Bullies of the 1970s, however swinging the stick at a fellow player was not the Bullies way of doing things back in the day, it was more of the old code, your goon Vs my goon sorta of thing, there is no room in professional hockey for what Boulerice did the other night.