Monday, October 8, 2007

NHL Standings - October 8th

Never a time like the present to check out for the current standings. Sure, it's so early in the season that it's worth nothing, but it's good for a laugh. It's good to laugh at teams who are only in a playoff spot in early October - they will fall out of contention by, say, October 20th.

And the results are.....*drum roll*

Eastern Conference
1. Ottawa (duh. they are beating everyone here. and they're 4-0)
2. Washington (ugh. they can take a nose-dive now)
3. NY Islanders (wow...wouldn't we all look stupid if this wasn't just some lucky fluke? don't know about you guys, but I'm not about to look like an idiot..)
4. Tampa Bay
5. Montreal (they're just happy to be ahead of Toronto)
6. Carolina
7. Toronto (Toronto fans are still celebrating the OT win over MTL on Saturday. one win down, one more to go...and six losses)
8. NY Rangers (ugh. at least the Isles are beating them)
9. New Jersey
10. Philly (ugh, they improved, darn)
11. Boston
12. Pittsburgh (people are already freaking out..we'll climb the ladder this season, don't worry)
13. Buffalo (long way from the President's Trophy)
14. Atlanta
15. Florida

Western Conference
1. Nashville (wha? Nashville?? what happened to them being lame ducks - uh, predators?? oh well, it won't last)
2. Edmonton (WHAA?? EDMONTON?? but seriously, I hope they kick ass this season)
3. San Jose (can anyone be surprised here? nope. Thornton and the boys will bring it on this year)
4. Minnesota
5. Colorado (Stastny's starting the year off good...real good)
6. Detroit
7. Anaheim
8. Columbus (hahaha...this is the closest they'll make it to the playoffs this year)
9. St. Louis (they'll definitely be competitive this year. Andy Murray is awesome)
10. Chicago (and now they're without Havlat for a good long time. any chance of a miracle season is all but dead)
11. Phoenix (this will be the highest Gretzky's boys will make it in the standings this year)
12. Vancouver (they'll climb the standings, no worries. they have someone named 'Luongo')
13. Los Angeles (if they keep Bernier, they might have a chance to make the's a big maybe, but still..)
14. Dallas
15. Calgary (Iron Mike's system hasn't done much in southern Alberta so far, but I suspect that things will turn around)


Robbblog said...

I want to see how long Iron Mike lasts in Calgary..this is what? His 8th team?

Ashley said...

Eight sounds about right. I figure he'll last the season, unless he really screws it up and the players revolt.