Sunday, October 14, 2007

New principal at school - Paris Hilton?

Ever wonder what your high school principal would look like in pink shoes, a mini dress and pink hair?

Well, I did. And my wish came true when I saw this photo in my hometown newspaper.

Doug Prescott lost a bet with students. He said that he would dress up in pink if they raised $15,000 for CIBC's Run for the Cure. It was tight (and I'm not just talking about that dress...), but the students came up with the money just before the race started.

For those who do not know Doug Prescott, this is totally and completely out of his character - but I guess it's a good thing that the principal doesn't usually wear pink mini dresses to school. Hard to take him seriously if he looks like a clownish Paris Hilton every day, eh?

Anyway, thank you Mr. Prescott for being such a good sport. And thank you current students for raising the money to allow me to have this photo saved on my computer for eternity...oh, and for raising all that cash for breast cancer research. You rock!

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