Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy football fan, with his "I wanna be Mr. Grey Cup"

I get excited when I see the crows outside my window. Okay, not really, but I get more excited about that than the Grey Cup, or football in general.

However, there was a headline on my homepage that caught my eye. It said "Bombers' fan vows to change his name to Mr. Grey Cup."


See, I guess there's this 24-year-old kid who's a 'super fan' of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who decided that he was angry at all the abundance of playoff tickets available. So, to 'motivate' the team, he has declared that if they win the Grey Cup, he will legally change his name to 'Grey Cup' the very next day.

And he's not kidding. He got all the details from the Vital Statistics office and they were fine with it. No biggie.

His family isn't so crazy about it. They think he's an idiot. As do I.

And I'm not being biased against the football fans out there, and I know there are plenty of you walking around. I'd have the same reaction to someone wanting to change their name to "Stanley Cup". Or "Memorial Cup". Or "Olympic Gold Medal".

My guess, though, is that this kid just wants to get his 15 minutes of fame. I'd like to see if he actually goes through with it if the Bombers win the Grey Cup on November 25th.

He'll probably chicken out.

Who knows, maybe he's one of these guys with the blue cheese heads. My guess is the guy with the jersey.

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