Saturday, September 29, 2007

Move over guys, looks like LA found a good goalie

Looks like Jonathan Bernier has found a new home in Los Angeles.

He just finished his first NHL game as the goalie for the LA Kings, and it was a 4-1 victory over the Anaheim Ducks. Up until about 13 minutes into the 3rd frame, it looked like Bernier was going to get the shutout victory, but then the Ducks finally connected on their powerplay. Oh's still a very solid game for Bernier.

Everyone knows that Bernier's a good goalie. He demonstrated his skills a few weeks back in the Super Series, but I wondered if he was ready for the show now, or if he would need another season in Lewiston.

The Kings could still send Bernier back to the Q, but I would be shocked if they did. They need a goaltender...or anyone who can stop a couple of pucks now and then...and Bernier didn't stumble in his debut.

What impressed me most was not that he showed great positioning, calmness, and had confidence to boot - because I already knew that about him. What impressed me was that he was able to maintain all of that considering the situation:
(1) It's his first NHL game
(2) He's halfway around the London
(3) He's playing against the defending Stanley Cup champions
(4) He's only 19 years old...19!!

I think we'll be seeing Bernier all season long in a Kings uni, and he'll give his team a shot to make the playoffs this year.


It was funny to see the crowd at the O2 arena boo Pronger - you'd think it was an Ottawa crowd that flew over London. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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