Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

So the Isles are in Monkey-Town (duh, this is only the third time I've mentioned it), and the GM of the Isles, Garth Snow, visited a bunch of elementary school kids in Moncton. He did the whole "stay in school" bit, yadda yadda yadda, and then he took questions. Now is when things get good...

Imagine this: New Brunswick is a bilingual province, and Moncton is a bilingual city. I'd say that about half of the people in Moncton are either French, or have French parents/grandparents. The other half are English. It is also a hockey city, so you can imagine how the NHL loyalties go....you're either a Leafer, or a Canadien. The English peeps tend to be Leafers, while the Frenchies side with the Habs.

Snow asked how many of the kids are hockey fans, and about half of the hands went up.

He then asked how many were fans of the Islanders.

Hands went down.

At least they didn't lie, eh?

The kids asked tons of questions about Snow's favourite team, favourite player, etc. - and the answer was always related to the NYI. Soooo...the kids showed their smarts and phrased the question differently: Of all the teams he played for, which was his favourite, other than the Islanders. Hahaha gotcha buddy...

Answer: A Canadian team - the Canucks :)

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