Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Holy shitake mushrooms! JR's coming back!

Jeremy Roenick has delayed his retirement and has signed a one-year, $500K contract with the San Jose Sharks. I didn't take the retirement rumours seriously, since he is only 5 goals shy of the 500 mark and is also within striking distance of the 700 assist mark. Why retire when you're thisclose to two milestones?

I don't think that this signing is that bad. Sure, JR is on the decline - he only scored 11 goals and 17 assists in 70 games last season - but you have to give him credit because he signed for next to nothing, perhaps indicating that he just wants to play hockey. Who knows, maybe playing on a much more talented team will inflate his points this year...

I only wish that he had signed with the Leafs. With all of the media coverage in Toronto, he'd be the star of SportsCentre every single night.

Please TSN, give JR a job as a full-time hockey analyst once he retires from the NHL.

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