Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pens TV: It's good, and then it sucks

Pens TV. It's this great little thing that you can click on and watch Pens-related videos. Like the "Town Hall Meeting." Or videos of the guys delivering tix to the STH. Or training camp footage and player interviews. You know, the good stuff that us fans like to see, and an excuse for me to blow off school work.

So imagine my excitement when I heard that the Pens/Wings game was going to be shown online on Pens TV. I believe my reaction was something like, "Schweeeet something to do on Saturday." Or something.

How naive of me to think that the NHL couldn't disappoint me tonight. At 8:30, I logged on to Pens TV and signed up for the FREE (ooo lovin' that word) Centre Ice pre-season package and then BAM I see two words that made my heart sink: BLACK OUT. What the frig? The game isn't being broadcast at all here in Nova Scotia, so why the hell is it being blacked out?

As it turns out, the NHL big wigs have something against Canada or something. Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away (although a number of Canucks wouldn't think so...), but they are stopping the feeds at the border. Not all of the feeds, mind you - we get the pleasure of seeing any Canadian pre-season games, such as the Leafs/Bruins tonight.

But no Pens.


Maybe I should try signing up with a fake American-based address, but they probably have the CIA watching to make sure that doesn't happen.

Go Pens.

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