Friday, March 7, 2008

The Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa?

I should preface this by re-stating that I am a fan of the Ottawa Senators. Not as much as the Penguins, but a fan nonetheless. Also a fan of the Montreal Canadiens and (gasp) the Toronto Maple Leafs, but that's beside the point.

A year or two ago, I found a music file online that had a song called "Sens Suck" or something to that effect. It was created by a radio station in Toronto (99.9?) when the Leafs and Sens used to meet in the playoffs. The song reminds me quite a bit of Adam Sandler's 'Hanukkah Song' and the lyrics are as follows:
'Sens Suck'

Here's a little story
About a hockey team
Who may just win the Stanley Cup
But only in their dreams.

The team is from Ottawa,
The Senators is their name,
Soon to be inducted in the golfing hall of fame.
They say they'll beat our Leafers, ha!
Now there's a funny joke
'Cuz every year at playoff time
The Senators always choke.

So, three cheers for Ottawa
A real team they are not-awa
They can give all that they got-awa
But the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa.

Now Ottawa has their Parliament
And MPs in the news
And it's kind of like their hockey team
They talk a lot but don't produce.
They're not the brightest either,
I really have to say,
When the capital of our country
Spells "Canada" with a "K".

(Hey, that's Kanata!)

Oh, three cheers for Ottawa
They think they've got a shot-awa
But they must be smoking pot-awa
'Cuz the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa.

You better press your plaid pants
It's that time once again
To hear that familiar Ottawa Senator saying,
"Tee off is at ten."
So get ready for the crying,
Take our your handkerchiefs,
You're about to get your ass kicked
By the Toronto Maple Leafs!

Oh, three cheers for Ottawa,
A lesson they'll be taught-awa,
Hossa and Havlat-awa,
You'll soon be golfing a lot-awa.
What the hell else rhymes with Ottawa?
Not a whole heck of a lot-awa.
They're the team we've already forgot-awa,
'Cuz the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa.
Now, at the beginning of the season, I laughed at this and said to myself, "Oh, how the times have changed." Sure, the Leafs are out of playoff contention right now, but look at how the Leafs are currently playing and look at how the Sens are currently playing.

Last 10 games:
Ottawa is 3-5-2
Toronto is 7-2-1

It's amazing how the Senators started the season so well (comparisons were made to the '70s Habs teams), and yet have fallen apart as of late. They have lost 4 of their last 5, and what about this current tour through the Pacific Division. Sharks? No. Ducks? Nope. Kings? Shutout loss.

So does that Toronto radio station have a good point? Is Ottawa a team that chokes season after season? Can we even say that after last year's run through the East?

And will the Stanley Cup never go to Ottawa? Logic says that Ottawa will win the Cup before the Leafs, but things aren't looking good. The Senators will have to do some serious soul searching if they have a prayer of saving their season.

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