Sunday, March 9, 2008

He shot that into his own net!!!

---Thanks to Flyer Hater over at Pensblog for sharing this video on C-blog---

With the game tied at 2 and less than 1 minute left, what happens? Sidney Crosby scores the game winner (his second of the night) after Nicklas Backstrom shoots it into his own net accidentally-on purpose. A teeny little piece of me feels bad for Backstrom because he is a rookie and made a mistake that may have cost his team a playoff spot. It's just not quite the same as the McCabe goal last fall.

I am really happy to see Crosby back on track after that injury. He really seemed to be flying out there this afternoon. I'm also glad to see that MAF played a solid game. He faced 38 shots (including 22 in the second), and only allowed 2 power play goals. He has been criticized endlessly, and has been in the shadow of Conklin. I hope that Fleury and the entire team takes something positive from this game and goes on a nice, long winning streak leading into the playoffs.

Go Pens!

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