Friday, March 21, 2008

The Amazing Playoff Race

With only two and a half weeks left in the season, and with teams playing divisional rivals, we should be treated to a series of good hockey games leading into the playoffs. Each game is a four-point game and teams are trying to pass each other in the standings.

Pittsburgh and New Jersey are trying to win the division...and the conference

Montreal wants to stay on top of Ottawa...and the conference

Ottawa wants home ice advantage

Washington and Buffalo are breathing down Philly's neck for the final playoff spot.

Minnesota is hanging onto the division lead...barely...and Vancouver/Calgary/Colorado are also in the top 8.

Edmonton is currently on the outside looking in, but their current 8-2 record has them dreaming of the possibilities. Maybe a repeat of 2006 is in store?

San Jose became the second team to clinch a playoff spot, thanks to their great 11-game winning streak, but Dallas wants to reclaim top spot in the Pacific.

What about those Ducks? I hope they crash and burn and find themselves on the golf course in April.

Detroit clinched the division about 20 years ago and are currently the only Central team in the top 8, but Nashville is trying to save their season. They are 9th and sit 4 points behind Colorado for the final spot, but have Edmonton and Phoenix breathing down their necks.

My, it's going to be a great couple of weeks as we see how the final standings shape up and how dead wrong I was in my pre-season predictions.

Good times.


Long weekends rock. Yep. Four days of doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g productive.

Happy Easter. I'm off to Monkey-town.


Michael said...

Happy Easter!

I wonder if there is any special easter hockey tournaments. Sure it is springtime, but roller and street hockey should be getting up soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas has some tournaments. Why not easter?

Thought provoking and inquisitive.

DaBich said...

Hoope your Easter was sweet...

I hope the Ducks crash and burn too...

Ashley said...

Michael - there were a few hockey tournaments this past weekend. The CIS (basically the Canadian version of the NCAA) nationals in men's hockey happened in Moncton, NB this past weekend, with Alberta defeating the 2007 champs, the University of New Brunswick. I think I may have heard that the international Pee-Wee tourney happened in Quebec, but I'm honestly not sure...And then there's the CHL playoffs. Lots of hockey :)

Dabich - Easter was busy, but good. I spent about 3 days travelling all over the Maritimes, and I am appropriately sore from it all. I hope your holiday went well!

Philly just HAD to win last night, eh? I really wanted to see them slip out of the top 8...but I guess it can still happen.