Friday, November 2, 2007

Spezza's gonna stay for a good, long time.

The Ottawa Senators have locked up superstar centre Jason Spezza for the next 7 years, at a price of $49M.

Spezza's deal works out to $8M a year for the first five years, then $5M and $4M in the last two years. This means the cap hit will be $7M a year.

So the Sens have Spezz and Heater for the long haul, and they both have no-trade clauses in their shiny new contracts. Sens fans must be thrilled to have the trio together for the next several years, and to have Spezza/Heatley for the next 6 years. They should be a Cup contender for awhile...but we all know that predictions are always wrong, especially when I'm the one making them.

The only way Spezza's week can get better is to get rid of the groin problems.

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