Monday, November 12, 2007

Good times in the Maritimes

Crazy times in the Maritimes. Lots of traveling, playing NHL07 with the bro (Sens over Caps, 20-3...AO sucks), and four (FOUR!) hockey games in a little over 24 hours.

That last point, my friend, is the ultimate sweetness.

Except for when the Pens lose...again. I'm sure us fans aren't as frustrated as those guys, but it's getting there.

The only solace we have is knowing that it's November, the Pens haven't completely sucked and lost all of their games, and a winning streak must surely be coming our way. Right? Just agree with me.

Coach T gave the guys the day off yesterday in preparation for today's game against the Devils. I'm hoping for a little déjà vu tonight. Another 5-0 win...not very likely, but a girl can be optimistic, eh?

I finally got my battery charger for my digicam back. What kind of idiot leaves the charger at home? Oh wait, that would be me. So, I thought I'd take a pic of what I woke up to yesterday morning in Monkey-Town...

Seriously, isn't it supposed to be November, not the middle of January? What's up with the 15 cm of snow bit? Ugh. I hope this ain't a sign of the winter to come. I can see it now, another 5' snow storm, à la 1992...maybe that'll jinx it into not happening.

Lovin' my new WWGRD wristband, even though the Pens are 0-3 since I got it...and I do believe I have the skinniest wrists in the world.

I make a 6-year-old look like a freakin' giant. Maybe a little growth hormone is in order.

Anyways, big game tonight. Devils. Penguins. Me in my new Pens jersey, updating the boxscore on every 2 minutes. Good times in the Maritimes...


Anonymous said... Forget that... Yahoo Sports does an auto updating box score. Every 30 seconds baby, oh yeah.

Ashley said... also does the update every 30 seconds. I just keep the window open and check it every few minutes. Now and then there's a mini celebration...and then other times there's a "oh crap"