Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad Times in the Maritimes

Another day, another loss... To the Devils and their backup goalie, Weekes. It wasn't even Brodeur between the pipes.

And now the Pens are kickin' around the basement of the Atlantic division.

It wasn't long ago when the so-called experts said that the Pens were going to win the Cup this year. I wonder what they're thinking now....

Not to say that they won't win the Cup - anything's possible, eh? - but this wasn't how most people thought the team would kick off their season. Me, the eternal optimist, thought that the guys would be near the top of the division, duking it out with the Rangers. Hey, it could still happen come March, but right now, I think I'll settle for a good, solid win...and that means winning by playing 60 minutes, not skating around confused for 30 minutes and winning thanks to a few lucky bounces.

One good game, that's all I'd like.

And I'm sure it's all the Pens would like, too.

I vow that I won't be Chicken Little (yet), and that I will be confident that the team will turn things around. Staal will find the net more than once this season, Recchi and Roberts won't play their age, Laraque will not be a trade deadline bust, Army and Fleury will find their way back into the lineup, and Therrien will stop acting like he doesn't know what he's doing.

On a positive note, at least Crosby and Malkin are stepping up offensively as most of the team falls apart. I do believe it is now a 17-game points streak for Sid...not too shabby.

Next game: Thursday. New York Islanders.

Here's to hoping for decent officiating.

Nah, didn't think it would happen. I'm not that optimistic.


Stoosh said...


I admittedly cringed at most of the preseason predictions this year. It's nice to be thought of so highly by the media, but I get the sense that most of the national media that covers the game here in the States still needs to have offsides explained to them every once in a while. I don't trust the opinions of most of the US-based national hockey media...not when two of our national media moguls are Stan Fischler and Larry Brooks.

A Stanley Cup is an incredible burden to place on this team, especially when you figure that Gretz didn't win his first until he was 23 (Sid's three years away), and he also had Messier and Coffey to lean on. That's three of perhaps the ten best players ever on the same team.

Mario was 25 and his seventh full season when they won the first Cup. That 1990-91 team had only 88 points, lowest of all division winners that year. The following year they only had 87 points, finished third in the DIVISION and still won the Cup.

Translation: Lotsa time. All I was hoping for at the beginning of the year was a division title. We'll see what happens.

I'll be in C13 on Thursday night to get my first look at Kris Letang in a meaningful game.

Ashley said...


All great points. I admit, I did get a little caught up in the hype earlier this season (and I should know better too!)...though I wasn't one of the bandwagoners saying "Oh my gosh, the Pens will definitely win the Cup this year!"

A realistic expectation for this team would be to make the playoffs again this year. Not saying that they should get beyond the quarterfinals, but I think it would be a reasonably successful season if they play well for the balance of the season, make the playoffs, and win more than one game when there. How can one truly be upset over that?

Consistency is key. Once they learn how to play consistent hockey, then they can start to work on winning the Cup...that's my thought, anyways.

Honestly, I think 2007-08 belongs to Ottawa, and I'm not just saying that because of their record so far. That was my opinion coming into the season, given that they are icing (basically) the same team as last year. If Pittsburgh can't win it, then all the power to Ottawa.

Ashley said...


Wow, can't believe I forgot to mention this before because I was planning on it, but I hope you have a blast tomorrow night at the game (and hopefully it will be a win, eh?). Be sure to let us all know what went on at Mellon. Me, I may listen to Lange and Bourque - or I may see if I can snag a TV and catch the Sens/Sabres game. I wouldn't mind seeing Spezza return to the lineup. Maybe he can start producing points for my fantasy team...