Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New jersey for me!

That, my friends, would be my brand spankin' new Pens jersey. Just came in the mail today! The guy behind the jersey would be my little bro, who was ever so kind to send me this photo. You see, the jersey is at home and I'm, well, not at home. Only a few more days now before I take the long bus ride home. Mmmm real food...I could cry in excitement at the thought of eating stuff that's not from the cafeteria.

'Nuff about that, on to hockey stuff...

Looks like Dan Boyle (D) of the Lightning will be out with his wrist again. Remember how he slashed his wrist with his skate back in September? Well, I guess the surgery didn't go so well and he needs to go back under the knife.

Peter Forsberg's in a similar situation in that his surgically repaired feet are not really repaired. Who knows what he may have to have done in order to play hockey again. In fact, who knows if he'll even be able to play again. This may be it for Forsberg.

Tonight is Mark Bell's official debut with the Leafs. I guess we'll see if he can make an impact. I hope so, because this guy needs something good in his life right now.

Last night's game against the Devils was thoroughly enjoyable. I listened to the last two periods on the internet (while attempting to read...attempt would be the key word) and was happy. Now, hopefully they can do the exact same thing when the Pens play the Flyers tomorrow night on TSN and again Saturday on RDS. Gotta love it when you hear, "Le tir et le buuuuuuut!!!!!"

Good times in the Maritimes...

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