Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random NHL news

The media asked Tiger Woods who he's rooting for in the SCF, the Wings or Pens. He had this to say:

"I don't really care. It's all about the Dodgers. I don't think anyone really watches hockey anymore."

Well, my respect for him just dropped a few notches...


Looks like the Maple Leafs are getting ready to hire a coach. Fletcher said that he offered a coach a job, and it is widely believed that Ron Wilson was that coach.

Imagine if hard-ass Wilson comes to Toronto? Maybe it's just what the team needs...


Other coaching news: John Tortorella was officially fired today. I'm glad they did it now instead of dragging it out until the new owners take over - this gives him a good shot at finding a job sooner rather than later.

Maybe Ottawa? Those guys could use a kick in the arse.


The NHL and TSN have announced a new 6-year deal that will put 70 games on TSN this year, not including the first three playoff rounds.

Those 70 games will feature at least 1 Canadian team, with 17 games going to the Leafs, 15 to the Habs, and 10 for each of the Flames, Sens, Oilers, and Canucks.

The Wednesday night game will be a feature in the schedule, as there will be no other NHL game broadcasted in Canada that evening.

So, now we have at least 3 NHL games a week: the Wednesday night TSN game, and the double header on CBC on Saturdays. That doesn't take other games played on TSN, or the ones on Sportsnet, or CBC...I say bring it on! The more hockey, the better.

I'm just wondering how many Pens games we'll get to see.


DaBich said...

Tiger Woods just showed himself to be a true azzmunch. I hope he loses his next 10 golf matches! lol

Toronto may flourish under Ron Wilson, they could hope he is hired.

Go Pens!

Rebecca Banner said...

I saw that about Tiger. And he thinks people actually watch golf??????????

DaBich said...

Golf isn't even a sport. It's a rich man's past time.

Ashley said...

rebecca - I guess some people must watch golf, if the networks keep putting it on TV. I don't see why people watch it though. I tried once before and was bored to tears within minutes.

You watch someone hit a small white ball, and then you try (and fail) to follow the ball as it flies through the air to an unknown destination. The only good part is when the players lose their balance and fall into the lake, and those parts are usually put on SportsCentre so why bother watching at all?

dabich - you forget...golf is also what hockey players do in the off-season. :)

About Ron Wilson, TSN was reporting yesterday that it seems that Wilson is taking his time with the contract offer. I guess the rich people in Toronto may not have offered him enough money to turn around their franchise. I figure, he's one of the winning-est coaches in history, Toronto has deeeep pockets, so offer him everything he wants plus a kitchen sink if they really believe that he can put that team back on track.

DaBich said...

Ashley ~ yes the Pens golf in the off-season. It's ont a sport, it's a pass time for relaxation. LMAO! My bad!

David said...

Ashley ~ Been reading your blog for quite a while. Great stuff.

However--Ron Wilson a hard ass? That guy couldn't motivate the Sharks to play consistent hockey all season. I know he has been successful in the past, but they had the talent and he couldn't get them to use it. I was constantly wondering which Sharks team would show up to play. But, perhaps the Leafs change will be good for all parties concerned. It is all about chemistry, after all...

Ashley said...

Thanks David! It's always nice to see that people read this stuff.

As for Ron Wilson, I know that he has a little problem motivating his teams, especially the Sharks. I'm not sure if he would be able to motivate the Leafs or not, but I think his personality makes him more of a hard-ass than Paul Maurice - who I really liked, by the way. I think Wilson may lose his temper a bit with the Leafs if they don't focus, and it will be interesting to see how the team responds.