Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Playoff Predictions: Round 1

Susie - BRUINS
Maggie the Monkey - CANADIENS
James Duthie - CANADIENS
Darren Pang - CANADIENS
Mike Milbury - CANADIENS
Bob McKenzie - CANADIENS

Maggie the Monkey - PENGUINS
James Duthie - PENGUINS
Darren Pang - PENGUINS
Mike Milbury - PENGUINS
Bob McKenzie - PENGUINS

Ashley - FLYERS
Maggie the Monkey - FLYERS
James Duthie - CAPITALS
Darren Pang - CAPITALS
Mike Milbury - CAPITALS
Bob McKenzie - CAPITALS

Ashley - RANGERS
Susie - DEVILS
Maggie the Monkey - DEVILS
James Duthie - RANGERS
Darren Pang - DEVILS
Mike Milbury - RANGERS
Bob McKenzie - RANGERS

Ashley - RED WINGS
Maggie the Monkey - RED WINGS
James Duthie - RED WINGS
Darren Pang - RED WINGS
Mike Milbury - RED WINGS
Bob McKenzie - RED WINGS

Ashley - SHARKS
Susie - FLAMES
Maggie the Monkey - SHARKS
James Duthie - SHARKS
Darren Pang - SHARKS
Mike Milbury - SHARKS
Bob McKenzie - SHARKS

Susie - WILD
Maggie the Monkey - WILD
James Duthie - WILD
Darren Pang - AVALANCHE
Mike Milbury - WILD
Bob McKenzie - AVALANCHE

Ashley - DUCKS
Susie - DUCKS
Maggie the Monkey - DUCKS
James Duthie - DUCKS
Darren Pang - DUCKS
Mike Milbury - DUCKS
Bob McKenzie - DUCKS

Pittsburgh Penguins beating the New York Rangers in the East
San Jose Sharks beating the Detroit Red Wings in the West
San Jose Sharks winning the Stanley Cup against the Pittsburgh Penguins



DaBich said...

Very interesting indeed...

Stoosh said...

Flames over Sharks, Preds over Red Wings and Bruins over Habs?

Susie is quite upset-oriented, eh?

Hey, kudos to Susie for sticking to her guns. I think she deserves a treat for going against the grain.

Maybe I'll have to get Buddy's thoughts on the playoffs tonight. I know he'll pick the Pens because he's a Letang fan, so that goes without saying. And I know he'll pick the Red Wings because the Predators logo is a cat. Beyond that, I'm not sure.

DaBich said...

Buddy is smart, likes Letang ;)

Stoosh said...

DABICH - I first saw Letang during the 2005-06 preseason camp (right after we drafted him) and he damn near made the team. While his skating and puck skills were solid, I was most impressed with how strong and aggressive he was on the boards. I said to one of my friends that Letang played with all the tenacity of a pit bull on the boards.

Well, Buddy is part pit bull, so he likes Letang.

Ashley said...

Yeah, Susie picked the opposite of me on just about every matchup...other than the Pens and Ducks. I don't think she's very confident in my picks.

At least we'll definitely get to see who's better at predictions: me or my dog.

Ashley said...

And Stoosh, you're predicting a bit of an upset as well, eh? Preds over Red Wings?

I have to admit, Detroit is beat up as hell and just may lose to Nashville...but imagine the drama that would create?? If that were to happen, I could see Babcock getting fired or something. To lose in the first round, to the eighth seed...AGAIN?? For the second time in three years?? Hahaha that would be kinda funny to see (funny because they're not my team, of course...it would suck if it happened to the Pens).

I do feel an upset coming, though...

Stoosh said...

Yeah, I don't know...something about that Red Wings-Preds matchup just doesn't feel right to me.

I've never seen a team put up 115 points in a season and get dismissed as an afterthought in its own conference the way Detroit has this year. Either people are unjustifiably in love with the Sharks and Ducks (and even the Avs), or Detroit might be the most underwhelming team to crack the 110-point plateau in NHL history.

I think where there's smoke, there's fire. And I get some sort of feeling that Nashville is a crappy matchup for Detroit.

I'll probably be proven wrong like normal, but what the heck.

Stoosh said...

Susie looks good with the Pens baseball cap on, though.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - you're not the only one to feel that something not quite right in Detroit.

I don't know if you watched the Playoff Preview on TSN (I believe it was shown on the NHL Network), but all of those guys had serious doubts about Detroit. They still picked them to win the series, but they don't believe for one second that it's going to be an easy go and they wouldn't be shocked if the Preds upset them.

I seem to remember that the Red Wings had trouble winning in their own division. I'm not sure how the season ended on that front, but you never know.

But hey, if the Preds win, you'll look like a frickin' genius, eh?

(and doesn't everyone look good with a Pens hat on??)

Ashley said...

does Buddy always smile like that? :)

Stoosh said...

Detroit won their division pretty much going away - they had 115 points and the next closest team in the Central was...Nashville with 91.

This is strange, though...if you look at how they played against each division, the Central Division teams gave them the hardest time during the season. I forget what the numbers were, but I remember the guys on "On the Fly" dispelling the notion that Detroit is a good team that beat up on a bad division. They actually has more success against the Pacific and Northwest teams.

I guess I didn't realize Buddy smiles that much in pictures, but yes he does. He's half black lab, one quarter rottweiler and one quarter pit bull (dad was a black lab; mom was a rott/pit mix), so he's usually a pretty enegetic dog. In fact, he's so energetic, he was running around the house at 4:30 this morning barking at the trash collectors.

He especially smiles like that when he knows he's getting treats.

Ashley said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was getting at. Detroit beat the snot out of the Pacific and Northwest, but were mediocre against Central teams, which makes me wonder a little how they'll do against Nashville.

Susie a sheltie/lab/husky mix and used to be more energetic, but she's 10 years old now and slowing down...but she'll fly into the kitchen if she thinks that she'll get a treat. In fact, she barks and barks at us until we give her a treat. She has the waist circumference to show that she loves, LOVES food.

How is Buddy when it comes to watching sports on TV? Susie will bark her head off if golf, basketball, football, baseball is on TV, but she usually likes to watch hockey (go figure).

Stoosh said...

Buddy loves sitting on the couch watching sports/TV in general. He can usually tell when we're nervous, because he'll sit up on the couch rather than lay down. And if I yell at the TV, he sometimes gets scared.

But when I get home from work, I take him outside and let him run around a bit as part of our routine (poor guy is cooped up in the house all day). I'll put some peanut butter in one of his Kong toys when we come back in, and then I'll sit down and put on the NHL Network. He'll come up on the couch with his Kong toy and sit or lay down next to me. He's basically a 70-pound lap dog...loves to cuddle.

As far as treats go, he eats anything. We watch what we give him because he got sick a little bit last October, but for the most part he's good. He's a little bit heavier than he should be, but not much given how much he eats. For some reason, he's developed a liking for Rice Krispy treats (in small quantities). I usually make scrambled eggs in the mornings on weekends and I'll always make one or two up for him, so he likes that, too. He's spoiled...he's so spoiled.

Ashley said...

haha Susie's one spoiled puppy too (she's still a puppy to me). We'll cook peas in the microwave and she'll sit there and watch them and when they're done, she'll come and bark at us until we put some peas on her food. Peas and carrots...her favourites...but she'll eat anything, even the stuff that makes her sick (meat and stuff). She's one big fuzzball. Hopefully we'll be able to get her outside and walking more, now that the weather's nicer.

Dogs are the best.

Jeff K said...

Good dog, Susie! Her picks will probably end up being better than mine.

I like how only the animals (and the Panger) picked the Devils (uh, along with me).

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