Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Avery the Clown

Sean Avery is the so-called 'bad boy' of the NHL.

I'd rather call him an immature, selfish little brat.

We all know what he did against Marty Brodeur in game 3 the other day. Most people thought it was hilarious, creative...blah blah whatever.

I thought it was further proof that he is better suited for kindergarten than the NHL playoffs.

Then, to top things off, he decided to show the media his middle finger during practice yesterday after he noticed that cameras were trained on him.

Good job Avery, you showed the world which is the 'bad' finger.

So many people say that they would love to have Avery on their team, but I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. He thinks only of himself and I am not convinced that he would make your team better. His act is wearing thin and, before too long, he will be looking for a new career (though I don't know who would hire him).


Sarah said...

Yeah, I totally know what you mean...after I heard what he did to Marty, I'm like "man, he's such an immature idiot"...Who acts like that other than someone at a pickup game who is just joking around and having fun? I had a feeling you'd have something to say about I wish he was still out West; he didn't bother me so much there. Seriously though, if I was Marty, I would've become soo pissed I would've wanted to hurt him bad. Seems like Marty managed to control his temper pretty good, which is good. Avery is a bum, and I won't be crying when his hockey career ends, that's for

Anyway, Ashley, I was shopping tonight and saw something and thought of was a Crosby NHLPA hat, for only 12 bucks...when you come to Moncton, you'll have to be sure to check out Giant's a pretty good store for carrying hockey stuff, but its usually Leafs and Habs stuff, sometimes other Canadian teams, and sometimes other teams. I once got a Devils hoodie there for 15 bucks...I'd have to say that has been my best purchase yet! ;)

Ashley said...

"I wish he was still out West; he didn't bother me so much there."

I wish he wasn't in the NHL at all...

Thanks for the info on the hockey gear! I find the best place to carry NHL stuff in Moncton is Sears (especially at Christmas), but that's usually just Canadian teams. Another place that I discovered in December was what I thought was just a NASCAR store in Champlain Mall, across from Sobeys. They seemed to have a lot of NHL stuff, and a lot of American teams were represented. NFL gear, too.

I went to SportChek at the Halifax Shopping Centre a few weeks back and had to laugh because their jerseys section had a few Habs sweaters, a few Leafs jerseys, and then dozens and dozens of Crosby jerseys/hats/everything. I saw a Pens hoodie there, but it was a men's XXL and I'm usually swimming in a small, so needless to say I am currently without a Pens hoodie. I'll have to check out Giant Tiger one of these days. I do, however, have a black Crosby jersey....and a white Team Canada jersey. :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, I know what store you are talking about in Dieppe across from the Mall...I've been there twice. The woman that is always working there, she is fun to talk to about hockey and such. I went there before meeting a bunch of the Islanders, because I needed to get something for the players to autograph. I also went back in January and bought a Devils Calendar; I love how they carry hockey stuff, but they are tad on the expensive side...same with SportChek, Sears, Cleve's and many other places where you can buy hockey merchandise. I'm not the type to spend a lot of money on something, unless I REALLY want

Anyway, I do have a personalized Devils jersey with my last name on it; it was a Christmas gift from the ex, while we were dating I don't wear it that much because 1) it's a little big and 2) I'm afraid I'll get it dirty or

So are you actually from Moncton or from Halifax?

Ashley said...

Yeah, hockey stuff can be really expensive, especially if you're a poor student haha

Anyways, I was born and raised in Moncton, got my first university degree in Moncton, then went to Halifax for 3 years to do a second degree. What about you?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I have lived about 20 minutes outside of Moncton for my whole life, with the exception of the one year that I lived in Sussex for a year of college.

So where in Moncton will you be doing your internship...if you don't mind me asking?

Ashley said...

I'll be doing a 48-week internship at the Moncton Hospital. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do something in the community involving sports nutrition as a part of my internship, but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

You mentioned something about maybe doing an internship this fall - are you in school too?

Sarah said...

Yup! I'm at ABU, and I'm not entirely sure where I'll end up doing an internship yet. I'm finishing up my third year, and I only need a couple of more courses to actually graduate, but I'm going to take a few more courses and I'd like to take an actual internship. I kinda worked with the Athletics Dept. this semester as an intern, and I was supposed to write like 6 articles and have only written one so far, and have like 4 more on the go...I don't think the 6th one is gonna happen. Also, I might possibly do an honours thesis, if I get accepted for it.

Anyway, if you want to do something regarding sports nutrition, you should check out ; they are located in Dieppe and I know they do sports nutrition...I'm not sure if they take volunteers, but you could always look into it. My only article that I've written so far was actually done with one of the owners of Max, because he's been working as a volunteer athletics therapist at ABU. His name is Graham Black and he's really nice. He's actually has worked with the Victoriaville Tigres, Moncton Wildcats, and New York Islanders...perhaps you have heard of him.

Ashley said...

hahahahahaha holy crap, are you serious?!???!?! I graduated from ABU with biopsych in '04...did my honours with Neil. Small world, eh?

And thanks for the website! I'll definitely check it out. Maybe it's something I could look into a little later this summer.

Sarah said...

lol...yeah! It really is! When you said that you received one degree in Moncton, I was thinking "Ok, it either had to be ABU or UdeM." If I get accepted to do an honours thesis, I'll be doing it with Chris Quek, the Comms. Prof.

So was the honours thesis a lot of work for you? What did you do it on?

Ashley said...

Chris Quek always seemed like a nice guy. I never had him as a prof, but quite a few of my friends knew him.

I did my thesis on bulimia and serotonin. I got my data from an American company that does blood and urine tests, so I just did statistical analysis on that. I think I had 100+ refs from journals, which meant a lot of trips to UdeM and getting the library to find a copy of an article/book from another library. It takes an insane amount of time to read through all of the refs and to write it up. I think my final copy was about 80 pages long. A lot of stress...

If you can do a thesis, good for you, but after going through it and doing another degree that was very focused on practical work, I found that getting out of school and working with different places in the community is more valuable. Then again, I'm sure your thesis would be much different from mine in that it is probably more practical...what's your proposed topic?

Sarah said...

I'm gonna kinda look at if sports on continually changing television technologies will ever lead to the end of sports in the newspaper. It will also examine how it affects journalists and the audience, and therefore, how it affects society as a whole. That's kinda the summary of the proposal anyway...I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but Anyway, I wish they'd tell me if I've been accepted for it.

And Chris is a nice guy, but I don't think he likes to be bothered about a lot of Just the vibe I get from him anyway...but he's always calling me one of his "gung ho" students because I never miss a class and am never

Ashley said...

Sounds interesting, for sure. I often wonder how TV and the internet will change newspapers.

And don't worry about hearing from the powers that be about your thesis. I seem to remember only getting the go-ahead in May. As long as you meet their GPA requirements (or are pretty darn close) and the prof is willing to take you on, then you should be good to go. Besides, nothing is stopping you from starting your prelim research with articles and stuff.

Trust me on this, you want to get as much written as soon as possible. Neil had me write the first chapter by Thanksgiving, long before anyone else had started to write theirs up, and I was thankful for it (especially later in the semester(s) when the term papers and exams start to pile up).

Sorry for the unsolicited advice haha

Sarah said...

lol...yeah, don't worry about it! Chris recommended that I get all the sources read and have the literature review done before Christmas, but I'm hoping to stay ahead of that too. Plus, I don't have to take many courses next year, so that'll definitely help. However, I'm considering being a co-editor for the Beacon (school newspaper), so that might take some time. I think all I need to graduate now is an English course and a second language course. I think I'm going to take another Religious Studies course tho, because I got a C in a Dempster course, and I'd like to have a better mark to bring that one up, since that's my only C I'm also thinking about taking advance public speaking, but I'll have to talk to Chris more about that. Other than that, there is the internship. So I'll probably end up being a part time student with a full-time course load because of the honours

Anyway, do you happen to have MSN? It's probably easier than communicating like this...if you want to

Ashley said...

A 'C' in a Dempster course isn't that bad a grade haha...but I can understand the want/need to upgrade that mark. I'm one of those pain in the ass 4.0 students who has never made below a B in any course, ever (though this semester's biochem may have changed that).

My friend Jeremy used to write for the Beacon way back when..I do believe he had a column called "Jeremy's Microcosm", one of the funniest things I've read. Thing is, I don't recall anything else from the Beacon haha...I'm sure it was/is better than the newspaper at the Mount, which was pitiful to say the least.

And yeah, I do have MSN...e-mail me your address to I don't like to publish my hotmail address since it's my primary email and I'd like to keep the spam to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

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