Friday, May 9, 2008

World Championships Slideshow


Jeff K said...

Love the pictures. How many games are you going to in total? I really wish any of these games were on TV here in the States.

Ashley said...

Thanks Jeff. I went to 4 WC games last week...wish it could've been more because the atmosphere in Halifax was unreal.

If you want to watch the games, there is a website called WCSN that is showing all of the games online, live and on-demand.

Jeff K said...

Man, those games sound like fun!

Yeah, I saw that WCSN site last week. While it's a manageable $4.99 a month, half the games are on in the afternoon (12:55, 3:25 EDT) while I'm at work. I'm not a big fan of watching hockey on my computer. (Okay, I have an HDTV, so maybe I'm a bit spoiled. But nothing beats hockey in HD.)

My biggest problem is that I'm already paying well over $100 a month to the cable company--for what? I have 74 sports channels and not one of them could pick up this tourney?

Ashley said...

Wow, I didn't know you had to pay 5 bucks for WCSN...I hadn't tried it b/c I have dial-up right now, but for some reason I thought that they were free.

It sucks that you have 74 sports channels and no WC. I mean, you'd think they'd get you TSN or something...

The start times do suck a bit since everyone is still getting off work, even in Halifax where the games start at 4:30 local, but I suppose there are only so many games you can play in one day.

Can't say I've ever had the pleasure of watching hockey in HD, but I hear once you go there, you never go back. In any case, if you want to watch a little international hockey this weekend and you don't mind watching it online, you could probably catch the bronze medal game Saturday at 3PM ET and the gold medal game Sunday at 1PM ET on It's blocked to people outside Canada, but I hear that you can access the feed if you make the site think you're from Canada - no friggin' clue how to do this, though.

And you're right - those games were a blast. I wish I could go to the quarterfinals tomorrow.

Sarah said...

So how many pictures did you take in total? I took over 900 the whole time I was down there! It was pretty exciting. I can't believe Team Canada was in hiding or something the whole time. I saw a few USA players around, but didn't recognize many of them. Fortunately, I met Parise :) That was exciting! He's really quiet tho, and I wish I wasn't so shy, or else I probably would've actually tried to have a conversation with him, rather than just a "Parise, can I have your autograph and have my picture taken with you?" lol.

Anyway, if Canada wins gold, do you think they'll do a parade or something in Halifax? I think it would be retarded and unfair to Halifax if they didn't do something like that.

Ashley said...

Sarah - I think I took about 300-400 pics, but most of them were blurry because I had to zoom in so far and it was hard to keep the camera still. I saw a few of your pics on facebook, but haven't had the chance to go through them all - I just may have to steal a few of them haha

I think the coaches and management had the team in lockdown or something, which I am completely fine with. The host country hasn't won this tournament in 22 years, and the biggest reason is because the host team has so many distractions (family, media, fans, etc).

It would be nice if the team came back to Halifax after the tourney, but I really doubt that will happen. They saluted the crowd after the quarterfinal game the other day and I took that as a 'goodbye, farewell' to the East Coast.

And hey, at least you got to meet Parise eh? I saw Brad Marchand hanging out and signing a few autographs, but I was so friggin shy to ask him to sign my jersey that by the time I got the courage, dug my Sharpie out of my bag and went down to find him, he was gone.

Sarah said...

Yeah, that should teach you a Never hesitate when you see someone like that; you may never get another chance. My friend that I went with is a Tampa Bay fan, and we saw Tortorella, and it took me like 10 minutes into talking her into going over to get her picture taken with him. She wasn't going to do it, and I was like "Listen, you wanted to meet him, and now is your chance. You'll probably never see him again in your life." Luckily, he was just finishing up his meal and hadn't left yet when we finally went over.

Anyway, did I mention that we saw Dustin Brown at the Keg? I didn't recognize him, but my friend did...we didn't get an autograph or anything because he was with his wife and baby, and we didn't want to intrude.

I'm a little disappointed that I bought a white t-shirt for nothing, because I didn't get any autographs on it, but I suppose I can keep it around for if I ever have a chance to meet any of the players at a later time. I don't really like wearing white shirts, so I bought a blue one Anyway, I had a Zach Parise card, so I got him to sign that, of course.

Now, I think my next chance to meet NHLers will be mostly players I've met before...the Islanders...when they return. I'm still waiting to hear who they'll be seems to be taking forever for them to get that worked out. They must be trying to get someone big.