Friday, May 16, 2008

Deep and Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts à la Stoosh:

1. The Pens-Flyers games in Philly. I noticed that the crowd seems very interested in screaming "Crosby Sucks" Is it just me, or is it strange that they didn't spend more time cheering FOR their team instead of AGAINST one player on the other team?

2. Jordan Staal. What a guy. He leaves Philly to attend his grandfather's funeral and comes back and scores two goals for the Pens. He deserves all the credit in the world for doing that.

3. I'm absolutely sick of all the Philly-lovin' going on at CBC. No, I do not expect them to shower the Pens with love, but I do expect something a little more non-biased.

4. Speaking of CBC, I'm getting fed up with Bob Cole and Greg Millen. I usually don't mind them calling the game, but I guess I was spoiled by (1) Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson in the NYR series and (2) Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire in the World Championship games.

5. By the way, I wish that EVERY GAME I watched was called by Gord and Pierre. They are smart, funny, non-biased, passionate, and they throw out these little facts and stories that don't really relate to the game but let us get to know more about the players. They assume that viewers know the game and don't need to be told every single teeny tiny little detail about the game as it unfolds. I don't like 'hockey 101' treatment by the broadcasters.

6. There is so much hockey on TV right now, with the playoffs, the WC, and the Memorial Cup, but it will all be over in just a few weeks. Hard to believe that the season is almost done already.

7. MLSE is such a friggin' mess, it's not even funny anymore. Okay, maybe a little bit. I think the media will keep feeding the 'Brian Burke will come to save us...eventually' stories until it actually happens. So, while no hockey games will be played this summer, we will have continuously updated theories on what will happen with the Maple Leafs - who will take over as GM...who will coach the Leafs...which players will have their contracts bought out...which players will be traded...which players will be suckered into coming to Toronto...I think the only thing that is for certain is that Vesa Toskala will be the number 1 guy next season, but then again, you just NEVER KNOW.


Jenn Casey said...

I love your blog.

Michael said...

I think those are all totally valid points, however #6 is only in Canada. There is no WC or Memorial Cup coverage here at all.

How 'bout them Penguins!?

I am hoping for a Stars/Pens rematch, but I may be disappointed.

Ashley said...

Jenn - thanks! I took a look at your blog too and I think it's great...especially when I saw the 'stupid philly fans' label. That was awesome.

Michael - yep, how 'bout 'em Penguins, eh? They sure are something special.

DaBich said...

I'm with Michael, I'm leaning towards a Pens/Stars rematch. I love the Wings, but they scare me!

Gotta love Jordan Staal, that is one classy kid.

Go Pens!