Monday, December 24, 2007

Is it all my fault?

Back on Thursday, November 15th, I wrote this:

[P]art of me is hoping that the Pens don't get past the Quarterfinals of this
year's Stanley Cup playoffs - assuming that they even qualify for the playoffs. A
really big part of me is hoping that they get the boot...

Since then, this is what has happened:
- Max Talbot and Marc-André Fleury have sustained high ankle sprains
- Ryan Malone has a leg infection
- Mark Eaton may be lost for the season with a knee injury
- There were a few embarrassments, like that Philly game. Ouch.

Is this my doing? Because if so, this wasn't what I was wishing for...

What's next? A pandemic raging through the entire dressing room - twice?

1 comment:

DaBich said...

ha!'s not your fault, but hey, be careful what you wish for ;)