Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crosby vs. Nash - Who will win?

This week, the media people will vote on the winner for this year's Lou Marsh Trophy (aka Canadian Athlete of the Year). It seems that it will be down to Sidney Crosby and Steve Nash.

Who will win?

Nash is an incredibly great basketball player. Two time NBA MVP. No question, he deserved the award when he won in 2005. But...

It's Crosby's year. He cleaned up at the NHL Awards in June. He was one of the major forces that led the Pens to a playoff berth last season - a season that saw a 47-point improvement over the year before. He is the face of the league, the youngest to be named a permanent captain of an NHL team, and the youngest in North American sports history to lead his league in scoring.

The last hockey player to win the Lou Marsh was Lemieux back in 1993. Canada is a country that takes pride in hockey (it's pretty much our religion), so why not honour the best player from 2007?

I truly, honestly can't think of another Canadian athlete who had a bigger year than Crosby, and I say that without bias.

So, media peoples of Canada: vote Crosby to win the Lou Marsh Trophy. You know you want to.

Now all we need is to find some Canadian athlete with the last name Stills....I know, that was lame.


DaBich said...

Vote for Crosby!

LOL on the Nash comment ;)

Ashley said...

haha wouldn't it be an absolute riot if someone named 'Stills' was in the running for the Lou Marsh Trophy, along with Crosby and Nash?

Cracks me up...

DaBich said...

it would be for sure lol