Thursday, January 31, 2008

ESPN pays attention to hockey

(Okay, so it seems as though just about everyone is posting a link to this article, so why shouldn't I?? I am, after all, a Pens fan...)

Yes, it is actually an ESPN article (I hear it's pretty much a miracle that ESPN pays ANY attention to hockey) about Crosby. It's a little long, but it's a fun read.

I especially liked the bit about Army dancing with a cardboard version of Crosby in a Montreal coffee shop (Tim Horton's?)....or how about Army dancing along with Ellen DeGeneres?

"He doesn't know anything about TV shows, not like I do," Armstrong confides. "He likes 'Friends.' I know. It hurts."

Crosby's rebuttal: "He's into those reality shows and that celebrity stuff, and I'm not too big on them.

"We'll get in late, and it always seems like they have those National Geographic shows on at 2 a.m. in the morning in the hotel, so we get stuck watching stuff like that ... For the most part, he likes things like 'American Justice' and 'Cold Case' and things like that."

Crosby then says his roommate has a television secret of his own ... "Ellen."

"I'm going to throw him under the bus on that one. He loves Ellen DeGeneres," Crosby says.

Right before a pregame nap?

"No, it's right after. It's hilarious. To a T, we wake up from our nap and that show's coming on and she's dancing."

When Armstrong finds out Crosby has spilled the beans, Armstrong drags a reporter over to Crosby and announces loudly that he wants to do the interview over, that he's going to reveal Sid's affection for Chandler on "Friends."

Crosby interrupts, revealing that not only does Armstrong love "Ellen" but he also likes to dance along to her show opening.

The two players are in stitches.

These two crack me up...

By the way Army, there's NOTHING wrong with sitcom of all time, in my humble opinion. Chandler is the best...

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