Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Captain Clutch at Ice Bowl...and the Canucks are still in the hunt at the WJC

My, what a busy Christmas vacation this has been. Lots of Christmas shopping...traveling here, there and everywhere...covering the WJC for Faceoff Factor...and digging out of countless snowstorms. Nice to have high speed back after a few weeks of prehistoric dial-up...

And it was great to kick off 2008 with a WIN AT ICE BOWL!

There are so many recaps out there, and conspiracy theories (those Caps fans should really just give it a rest) to last a lifetime, but wasn't that just the most perfect game for Pens fans? Crosby made the first goal happen, and he was the one who scored the shootout winner. He isn't the best at the shootout, but he scored when the world was watching. Wasn't it just great immediately after he scored, and everything was quiet and you could just hear him screaming? Yep, I freaked out right along with him.

I think that the Pens and Habs should play an outdoor game next year in the Maritimes...


World Juniors = awesome.

It hurt...really hurt...when the Canucks collapsed in the third period against the Swedes, and they still have lots of issues (especially when it comes to scoring), but I'm loving it all just the same. Now it's a rematch of last year's semifinals. Canada. USA. Friday. And I have a stupid class at that time. Whatever - maybe I'll just not show up. It's not like they'll go and check the pub or something, eh?

After today's game against the Finns, when O Canada was playing and the crowd (and team) was singing, Stefan Legein said "Two more, two more baby." Yep, just two more wins....

Speaking of the crowd, one of the things that I absolutely love about this tournament is that so many Canadians make the trip to wherever to cheer on the team. The stands are filled with red and white jerseys, and fans are waving the flag...or trying to wave a 40' x 30' gigantic flag. They paint their faces red, white, and sometimes black, and you can hear them singing O Canada in the middle of the game. The team scores and you would honestly think that the game was being played in Halifax, or Ottawa, or Vancouver, not in Pardubice.

Best of all, you don't hear those stupid whistles that the Europeans blow that sound just like the refs' whistles. How many times do they have to get burned to figure out that those whistles might be a bad idea?

Canada, USA....this is gonna be a huge game. Now all we need is for Toews to get over his knee injury, fly to the Czech Republic, and score FOUR shootout goals to top last year's performance.

Bring it on van Riemsdyk!!

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DaBich said...

Oh man, was I wired watching the "ice Bowl" as you called it. Talk about excitement! I'd love to go to a game like that in person.
Canada vs. USA WILL be huge...and exciting also. Go USA! :)